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  1. My son was telling me that he had to pick an “ohio” animal to do a report on once back from Thanksgiving break. We landed on your site when looking for what turtles are in Ohio. Thanks for sharing but also thanks for this great site. Followed you on all social, I can’t wait to see what you post about next! We love Ohio and want to discover all it has to offer!

  2. We live on River Road which parallels the Maumee River outside Toledo/Waterville. It’s a 2 lane highway with cars traveling at high speeds. Someone pulled into our drive yesterday and had placed a turtle in a small island in our front yard because it was in the road. I DID relocate it to our backyard (150-200 yards – maybe too far) closer to the river. I have been on numerous sites but can’t identify turtle. Can I submit a picture somewhere for identification?

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